Flying Bulls kick off the events season
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Flying Bulls kick off the events season

Delicate rays of sun awaken feelings of springtime, the first flowers are blossoming and people feel the urge to enjoy the open air again. The same goes for the Flying Bulls fleet: given a fresh maintenance work-over and brought into tip-top condition, it is the DC-6B, P-38 or Bell Cobra, among others, that await the chance to climb into the skies again at last – and there is certainly a thing or two in the future to look forward to.

Between the end of March and the end of October, the Flying Bulls will take part in dozens of events, large and small - whether it is the Highline 179, where two Alpha Jets are to be seen, or at AIRPOWER 16 in Zeltweg, where the whole fleet flies into action. The plans are progressing at full pace - almost every day, new events are being added to the schedule.

At the end of March, the Bell Cobra has already been seen for the first time at the ꞌFull-Metal-Mountainꞌ-Festival at Nassfeld in Carinthia State; after that, the tight schedule of activities goes on. Whether it is in Lungau in Salzburg State or in Wels, Upper Austria State, the Bell 47, BO and Bell Cobra will be showing their capabilities.

Mid-April brings a one-week training-camp for the whole fleet and the crew of the Flying Bulls. In Maribor, Slovenia, the name of the game is: train, train, train. This is where the most important formations, displays and flying sequences are thoroughly rehearsed and analysed.

This training camp is the last important test before the major events come up. In the context of the Red Bull Air Race in Spielberg, there will likewise be the opportunity to see a large part of the Flying Bulls fleet, just like at the Fast Day in Budapest (Hungary) and in late May in Pardubice (Czech Republic).

In the summer, the Flying Bulls will be on show once again in Budapest – at the Red Bull Air Race it is the B-25, Corsair or the P-38 will produce a spectacular display above the Old City of Hungaryꞌs capital.

The highlight of the flying season is AIRPOWER 16, of course, taking place from 2 to 3 September 2016 in Zeltweg in Styria State. Hundreds of thousands of spectators are expected when the Flying Bulls have almost their complete range of aircraft available to show what they can do. This is followed in the autumn by numerous events, albeit smaller ones.

The likelihood is that the Flying Bulls will take part in around 50 events. You can find an overview of theforthcoming events here.

A long year of flying is ahead of us – and even now the pilots, technicians, aeroplanes and helicopters can scarcely wait until they get the all-clear to get started.


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