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The slightly different hangar

As a functional compliment to Hangar‑7, a further highly unusual hangar for restoration and maintenance of the airplanes belonging to the Flying Bulls was put up very close by: Hangar‑8 is directly across from Hangar‑7, and it fulfills the function of a maintenance facility. Ground was broken for Hangar‑8 in early May 2002. The building was officially inspected by December 2003. In early 2004, all maintenance activities of the Flying Bulls were moved to Hangar‑8 from Hangar 9, which stands on a property adjoining Salzburg Airport and had served as a temporary facility.

In terms of working conditions and technical installations, Hangar‑8 exceeds all the usual international standards, and that’s no surprise: airplanes such as those flown by the Flying Bulls demand extensive, highly professional attention.

Despite the more humdrum requirements of a maintenance hangar, Hangar‑8 is architecturally sophisticated in its own right: after all, it has to fit into the overall ensemble, and the determining stylistic factor here is Hangar‑7: the steel construction of Hangar‑8 consists in a triangular, netted supporting structure including around 1,650 glass plates. Here as well, we see a striking interplay of steel and glass, and the resulting impression of lightness.

Technical specifications

Max. height 12,5 m
Property Size 5.790 m²
Built-on area 2.830 m²
Ground area of hanger 3.700 m²
Gross volume total 26.700 m³
Steel structure 230 to
Max. width 63 m
Max. length 58 m


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