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HSV – Red Bull Parachuting

Red Bull Parachuting

HSV Red Bull Salzburg has earned the right to call itself one of the most successful - if not the most successful - parachuting clubs in Austria.

With a string of state champions, World Cup winners, and even world champions in its ranks, the Salzburg-based club can compete with the world’s best, especially in the disciplines Accuracy and Para-Ski.

The club, which was founded in 1981, has produced a number of parachute athletes of national and international format.

HSV Red Bull Salzburg also repeatedly proves its skills on an international level at many events and is more than capable of impressing the audience with truly spectacular demonstrations.

HSV Red Bull Salzburg utilisesThe Flying Bulls’ Pilatus Porter PC6 as a transport plane. At national and international competitions, the club also relies on the professional support of the Austrian Armed Forces, in which case both the Pilatus Porter PC6 and helicopters are used.

Dedication of the club:

  • Parachute sports and the promotion thereof in various disciplines, especially Accuracy
  • Organisation of national and international parachute competitions
  • Tandem, show, and demonstration jumps worldwide


HSV Red Bull Salzburg Fallschirmsport
Postfach 52
A-5071 Wals/Salzburg
ZVR 134958717

E-Mail: info@hsv-redbull.at
Tel: +43-664-9172405 (daily 6pm to 9pm)


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