Red Bull Skydive Team
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Red Bull Skydive Team

Passion and thrills

Max Manow, Felix Seifert, Marco Fürst and Marco Waltenspiel assemble the Red Bull Skydive Team. They have dared to jump more than 30,000 times and enjoyed every single one of the occasions when they launched themselves into free fall from anywhere between 1,000 to 4,000 m above the ground! These occasions include individual jumps, team jumps, special choreographies or spectacular stunts.

Their varied show includes the following flight maneuvers:

Canopy Relative Work:The open parachute canopies of two pilots are hooked up to one another to perform one of the closest-proximity maneuvers in aviation. The “down plane” starts with two athletes hooking up to ropes to each other so that they fly to the ground above one another. This impressive maneuver is executed close to the ground and finished off with a precision landing.

Wingsuit - Low Pull:One or two pilots launch themselves off a plane in a wingsuit and open their parachute about 100-200m above the ground. From the moment they launch themselves into free fall to the moment they open their parachute and land safely on the ground, spectators have the chance to witness this spectacular birdlike flight maneuver.

Low Pull:he pilot delays the opening of his parachute until about 100m above ground, providing spectators with a first-class example of free fall.

Dynamic Canopy Formation:The pilots create a formation under small, fast parachutes while leaving intriguing smoke trails in the air. The Skydive Team’s formation landing is an impressive example of a highly professional skydive landing.

Swoop (High Performance Landing): At about 200-300m above the ground, the pilot accelerates using a high-speed parachute to cover as much ground as possible with the canopy in full flight. After a long swoop close to the ground, the maneuver ends with a safe landing. The swoop is one of the fastest non-motorized maneuvers and a real crowd pleaser.

Smoke or Bengal fireworks make the abovementioned stunts even more impressive and regularly leave spectators all over the world in awe.

Of course, performances and stunts like these require intense professional training. That’s why the Red Bull Skydive Team only features athletes with extremely good self-assessment and vast experience in order to be able to put in a perfect performance at every show. The members of the team are some of the most ambitious and capable parachute pilots in the world. Although they have all achieved big international success, they never stop trying to improve their performance.

Regular participation in competitions and international performances of all kinds continuously advance the athletic level of the team. All of the members of the Skydive Team continuously strive to improve themselves as well as their sport in innovative and creative ways.

Amongst others, the team has already done jumps at the following events:

  • AirPower Zeltweg (AUT)
  • DTM Finale Hockenheimring (GER)
  • FM4 Frequency Festival in St. Pölten
  • “Hannibal” glacier theater, Sölden/Tirol (AUT)
  • Beachvolleyball Grand Slam Majores
  • Red Bull Flugtage (worldwide)
  • Alpiner Ski-Weltcup Kitzbühel
  • Red Bull Cliff Diving (worldwide)
  • Red Bull Air Race (worldwide)
  • Red Bull Campus Cricket Final, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The team preferably jumps from their own Pilatus-Porter or from all kinds of helicopters. However, in principle they will jump from any aircraft capable of getting them to the required height.

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