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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to see the aircraft?

You can basically come in to see the planes during Hangar‑7's opening times (daily from 09:00 to 22:00). Should there be an event taking place in Hangar‑7, the planes are normally moved to the maintenance hanger, Hangar‑8. They are therefore not available for viewing in the museum for the duration. 

Furthermore, please note that the planes that are being maintained in Hangar‑8 are not available for public viewing and neither is Hangar‑8 open to the public.

Are there opportunities to fly in the Flying Bulls aircraft?

We regret to inform all flying enthusiasts that we cannot offer trips. The Flying Bulls is not a passenger transport business.

Does your company have Flying Bulls merchandise (caps, stickers, safety-cards, etc.)?

Yes, you can find our merchandising products at: www.redbullshop.com or in our Museum Shop at Hangar-7.

Are the Flying Bulls looking for more rare planes?

No, because the hangar space at our present location is already full.

Is it possible to get sponsoring from the Flying Bulls for my own plane/flying machine?

We receive requests for sponsoring, sharing in various flight projects and sale offers for unusual planes almost every day. Unfortunately we are not able to involve ourselves in any of these things, as we have neither the capacity nor the quality to do so. We are following our own goals with our company's strategy and fleet policy. We would like to stick to these aims and, unfortunately, they do not allow us to make any exceptions.

Can we also look round Hangar 8?

Hangar‑8 is purely a maintenance hangar and is situated on airport property. Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible (without exception) to visit this hangar. However, we do have 2 web cams to give you a taste of what's going on and being maintained.


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