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in Maribor

The runways are finally free of ice and snow, it is getting warmer from day to day and also in Hangar-8 you can feel that after the winter break of flying Airshow season is right ahead. But before all our aircrafts can take part in various events, the annual training camp in Maribor is on the agenda, where new displays are rehearsed and existing ones perfected.

In past years our training took place in Maribor, which proved to be the ideal training location for the Flying Bulls. This is the reason why we chose this destination again this year.

How does a Flying Bulls training week look like? 
Already in advance ideas for new for formations and maneuvers have been presented to our display director Bernd Piff – who brings a lot of expertise as former pilot on the Draken and the Eurofighter to the table. 
Approved maneuvers are rehearsed. For safety reasons new formations are flown on a higher altitude above ground than prescribed and are inspected and evaluated by the display director as well as our pilots.

Not only the safety aspects are taken into consideration, but the role of the 'classic' spectator is also taken, in order to assess whether all maneuvers can be seen well from the ground. First, single maneuvers are rehearsed, then the formation flight is trained and then finely polished.

A basic requirement for a week-long event is of course the weather, we hoped for little wind and good flight conditions. If the weather does not fit the bill, intensive training will be held from April 3rd until 8th.

If you happen to be in the Maribor area on April 8th, you should have a seat on the terrace at the airport to enjoy a free flight demonstration of the Flying Bulls.


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