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Ready for the event of the year

AIRPOWER19 - Europe’s Largest Air Show

The Flying Bulls are gearing up for AIRPOWER19, the biggest air show in Europe. The event takes place on the 6th and 7th of September 2019 at “Fliegerhorst Hinterstoisser” in Zeltweg, Styria, Austria. The motto “Flying for Austria” encompasses the most impressive aircraft, the most popular flying squadrons, and the best solo pilots. Once again, more than 300,000 spectators are expected.

More than 200 aircraft and helicopters – both airborne and static – will be on display at the AIRPOWER19. The Flying Bulls, present with the bulk of their fleet, will not only partake in the opening ceremony, but also fly several displays. The earmarked planes range from small, such as the Cessna 337 “Push Pull”, to large, such as the Douglas DC-6B. The B-25 “Mitchell”, F4U-4 Corsair, T-28 Trojan, P-38 “Lightning”, and the Alpha Jets will be presented separately in a spectacular and unique formation. Furthermore, the Red Bull Aerobatic Triple plans to celebrate its European premiere at AIRPOWER19.

The Red Bull Aerobatic Triple features The Flying Bulls teaming up with the Red Bull Skydive Team to combine three aerobatic elements simultaneously – a premiere in European airspace. A helicopter, an aeroplane, the parachutists of the Red Bull Skydive Team and the HSV Red Bull Salzburg will be airborne at the same time. It goes without saying that a choreography of this complexity requires pinpoint precision and perfect timing. Aerobatics fans are in for a real treat when Dario Costa and Mirko Flaim take to the skies for a joint manoeuvre in the Zivko Edge and BO 105 respectively. Their display doesn’t involve an aeroplane performing a roll around a helicopter, but the other way around. “In the Aerobatic Triple, we combine three different elements in the air that only work when everything is timed to the split second,” Dario Costa stresses.

The display was rehearsed in intensive training sessions and we are thrilled to celebrate its premiere in front of thousands of spectators. Make sure you don’t miss the event of the year!

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