Miguel Hochleitner
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Miguel Hochleitner

Airshow & parachutist pilot

Even as a toddler Miguel was already mesmerised by model aircraft. From an early age he was passionately devoted to his dream of becoming a professional pilot. He completed his glider pilot's license training in his early teens. Miguel subsequently joined the Austrian Air Force and eventually found his "perfect" aircraft in the military's PC-7. In 2008 he started flying the Pilatus Porter PC-6 for The Flying Bulls as a sidline job, mainly dropping off skydivers. He has been flying the T-28 Trojan since the beginning of 2017 and since 2018 has also been regularly in action at airshows as pilot of the F4U-4 Corsair!

T-28 Airshow & parachutist pilot1. Do you remember your first flight as a pilot?

MH: I started out with gliding at the age of 15. My first encounter was with the wind. I had the sensation of sitting in a rocket when I soared straight up into the sky. I was totally overwhelmed. I’ve been at it ever since.

2. How many flying hours can you look back on?

MH: About 4000 hours. (January 2023)

3. F-22 or Corsair? Airbus 380 or B-25?

MH: I can’t answer that. Each plane has its own charm for me, just in a different way.

4. Which aeroplane would you like to fly if you could choose any, and why?

MH: I’d like to fly a plane that can orbit into space – that would be the crowning moment of flying.

5. Is there a technical or design feature on your aeroplane/helicopter which particularly intrigues you?

MH: When a pilot knows how to fly the PC6 correctly, it’s fascinating to be able to land and take off anywhere. That’s what the aircraft has been built and developed for.

6. Have you never had an uncomfortable feeling when boarding or during a flight because of the age of the machines?

MH: No! It’s not about the age of the plane. It’s about how it’s handled and maintained and I don’t need to worry about that with the Flying Bulls.

7. What was the most turbulent flight you’ve ever had?

MH: Luckily I have never experienced any really critical situations. There are always small issues to overcome, but that’s normal. I’ve had more difficulties on the roads!



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