Frederic Handelmann
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Frederic Handelmann

DC-6B captain & more

The pilot from the Rhineland developed a passion for flying from the time he was in the cradle. The son of a military pilot and an amateur pilot, completed various pilot’s licenses by the time he had reached early adolescence. His qualifications include glider and powered aircraft license, flight instructor and commercial pilot - and is currently a Lufthansa pilot. Since 2006, he has been a successful Flying Bulls pilot. For Frederic, flying The Flying Bulls fleet Douglas DC-6, North American T-6 and B-25 Mitchell is always immensely fascinating. It is a dream come true for the avid pilot.

1. Do you remember your first flight as a pilot?

FH: Yes! It was in 1981, I was 13 years old, and it was in an ASK13 glider.

2. How many flying hours can you look back on?

FH: About 17,350 hours. (February 2023)

3. Which is your favourite aeroplane?

FH: DC-6, T-28, Extra 300

4. F-22 or Corsair? Airbus 380 or B-25?

FH: I can experience the allure of flying with the Flying Bulls. The airbus is for travelling to other countries and discovering far-off places.

5. If you could choose any plane, which would you like to fly, and why?

FH: The F-104 Starfighter – why? “The need for speed”.

6. Is there a technical or design feature on your aeroplane/helicopter which particularly intrigues you?

FH: The four 18-cylinder radial engines on the DC-6 – and working together as a crew.

7. Which (flying) characteristics on which type of aeroplane/helicopter do you find particularly fascinating? And which do you view critically?

FH: I never cease to be impressed and excited by the aerobatic characteristics of the Extra 300, the speed of the T-28 and the grandeur of the DC-6!

8. Have you never had an uncomfortable feeling when boarding or during a flight because of the age of the machines?

FH: No. Never!

9. What was the most turbulent flight you’ve ever had?

FH: It was through the “intertropical convergence zone”. Oh yes, and the aerobatic flight with Klaus Schrodt.

10. Which machine should definitely still be added to The Flying Bulls collection?

FH: I reckon our collection is complete!



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