Pilatus Porter PC-6
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Pilatus Porter PC-6


Oil fields, jungle, deep sea - the Pilatus Porter PC-6 starred as a single-engine multi-purpose airplane in Ecuador before joining the Flying Bulls. This Pilatus Porter PC-6 was built in 1998 by the Swiss Pilatus Works, initially purely as a presentation aircraft. A year later, the plane was sold to Ecuador and served primarily in the oil business.

It also showed its credentials as a rescue, passenger and cargo aircraft in the jungle. By 2004, however, the Porter had been bought back by Pilatus Werke and sold on to the Flying Bulls shortly after. Equipped with a propeller turbine, the PC-6 is a shoulder wing aeroplane featuring a fixed alighting gear and tail wheel. It is renowned for its excellent “short take off and landing” (“STOL”) qualities, even on the most difficult surfaces. It’s also very well suited to parachuting, hence the Flying Bulls’ plan to allow the Military Sports Association (HSV) to use the Porter.

However, a lot of work needed to be done before the plane was completed in April 2005. First of all, the Porter received a full service and brand new interior. New avionics were fitted in line with IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) standards, the outer shell was repainted and the Austrian certificate granted. Also a 4 - blade propeller replaced the old 3-blade, in compliance with environmental standards. When it was all finished, a dream came true for the HSV.

At last they had their very own airdrop plane – impressively painted to illustrate the parachutists’ aerial choreography. In the end, due to the constant increase in parachute outings, the Flying Bulls decided to take the parachute team under their wings. Today, four professionals perform as the “Red Bull Skydive Team”.


Technical specifications

Blueprint52,2 ft / 15,8 m35,8 ft / 10,9 m10,5 ft / 3,2 m
Registration OE-EMD
Manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.
Year of construction 1998
Serial Number 928
Power plant Pratt & Whitney PT6A-27
Power 550 SHP
Cruising speed 125 kts / 230 km/h
Max. speed 150 kts / 280 km/h
Service ceiling 25.000 ft / 7.620 m
Max. endurance approx. 4h
Range 500 nm / 926 km
Fuel consumption approx. 170 l/h
Empty weight 3.215 lbs / 1.460 kg
MTOW 6.170 lbs / 2.800 kg
Seats 1 Pilot / 5 Passengers
Rate of climb 16,7 ft/sec / 5,1 m/sec
Engine type Propeller Engine
Propeller Hartzell HC-D4N-3P, 4-blade

Impressionen zum Flugzeug

Piloten & Events


Bernd Piff


Jürgen Greiner

06. - 07. Sep.


LOXZ / Zeltweg /Styria / Austria


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