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Two US boys for the Flying Bulls

Aviat Husky & Beech T-34 Mentor

Howdy, folks! The Flying Bulls are delighted to announce the addition of two aircraft from the US to the fleet.


The Aviat Husky hails from the US. The Flying Bulls have procured a particularly rare model of the Aviat Husky equipped with additional floats. The fact that the aircraft can land on water allows the exploration of the most remote regions of our planet. The plane was completely disassembled before being shipped halfway around the world. The Flying Bulls reassembled the aircraft with all the TLC she deserves. The Aviat Husky is now fully operational and ready for upcoming adventures in the air and on the water.

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The T-34 Mentor, with the registration OE-ADM, was initially built as a “trainer” for the military in 1995. After its decommissioning, the plane enjoyed great popularity among private pilots due to it beeing relatively easy to fly and also fully aerobatic. Thus, the T-34 Mentor is perfect for practicing spectacular formation flights or participating in smaller air shows in Austria and its immediate surroundings.

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