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DC-6 receives Austrian registration

The DC-6 is now Austrian! On July 18th, the centerpiece of the Flying Bulls collection acquired Austrian citizenship.

Once registered as “Fish Eagle” under the registration number V5-NCF in Namibia, the DC-6 received the American registration N996DM after the Flying Bulls had transferred it to Austria. Today, the pride and joy of the Hangar-7 finally operates under the Austrian registration OE-LDM making it the first DC-6 to ever receive an Austrian code - even during the DC-6’s peak in the 50’s and 60’s, this has never been the case.

In the last six months, the Flying Bulls team has been working hard on getting the DC-6, which has carried many highly important guests in the past, registered as an Austrian airplane. The hard work has paid off. From an operational and legal point of view the DC-6 is now free as a bird within Austria!