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“Abduction from the Seraglio”

at the Hangar

In addition to the usual noise of an aircraft hangar, the technicians of the Flying Bulls are currently enjoying quite a different kind of ambient sound. After all, it’s only one more week until Mozart’s famous opera “The Abduction from the Seraglio” will be staged at Salzburg’s hangar – practices and preparations for the big show are already in full swing!

Spectators can expect a bombastic spectacle when Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s masterpiece is performed at the Flying Bulls’ homebase on August 26 in a one-of-a-kind performance presented by the Salzburg Festival and ServusTV. In an elaborate new direction, the opera has been turned into a modern fashion fairytale with an extraordinarily glamorous setting.

As if staging an opera in an aircraft hangar isn’t unusual enough, the performance will not be taking place just on one single stage, but at eleven different locations strewn across an area of 17,000 m2, the Hangar-7, the Hangar-8 and the apron in-between.

Even the music will be provided from two different sources. While the Camerata Salzburg orchestra conducted by Hans Graf will be playing at Hangar-8, most of the soloists will be placed in Hangar-7. Vocal support for the unique performance, which features a star cast including the likes of Desirée Rancatore, Tobias Moretti, Javier Camarena or Kurt Rydl, will come from a young quartet of the Salzburg Festival’s “Young Singers Project”.


Of course, the stars of the Flying Bulls fleet will also be part of this epic spectacle. Among others, the Alpha Jet, DC-6 and EC-135 will play an important part during the “Abduction from the Seraglio”.

In total, 16 cameras will be filming the unique opera performance for a spectacular live broadcast. Tune in to ServusTV at 20:15 to see the big show!

For all of you who’d rather see this one-of-a-kind performance on site but couldn’t get any of the sold-out tickets, we have a little tip: with a bit of luck, you can still win 2 tickets for the exceptional live opera event here!