Bell Cobra 209/AH-1F
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Bell Cobra 209/AH-1F

Reg. N11FX

The Bell 209/AH-1F Cobra is America’s legendary combat helicopter. For years it was the US Army’s classical combat helicopter. Produced in several versions since 1966, the Bell AH-1 Cobra earned itself a legendary reputation in the Vietnam war.

With the delivery of the first Apaches the Army gradually began to part company with the Cobra; the Marines and some other countries still use this model. The Flying Bulls’ new acquirement is a Bell 209/AH-1F, which was built originally in 1967. It was “Modernized” in 1976 by conversion to the “S” Model, called the “AH-1 S". This Cobra was transferred by the U.S. Military to a Mechanic School for use as a training aid. It was discovered in derelict condition by well known American Helicopter Collector, Brian Reynolds in 2010. Starting in 2019, this Cobra was fully restored and customized for The Flying Bulls.

The Flying Bulls discovered this gem and after protracted export formalities – the Pentagon keeps a watchful eye on former military equipment – they were finally able to bring it to Salzburg, where it was received with all honours in March 2021.

The Flying Bulls’ Bell AH-1F/209 Cobra is made up completely of original parts straight from the factory – and the Bulls’ specimen is the only one of two Cobra’s in Europe.
The Flying Bulls pilots, who had to go through special training in the USA for this helicopter and will be exhibiting it mainly at air shows.
When the Bell Cobra is not flying, it can of course be seen at any time in Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport.


Technical specifications

Blueprint44 ft / 13,4 m53 ft / 16,2 m44 ft / 13,4 m13,9 ft / 4,2 m
Registration N11FX
Manufacturer Bell Helicopter Textron
Year of construction 1967; converted to AH-1S in 1976, Overhauled by NW Helicopters in 2020
Serial Number 67-15819
Power plant Lycoming T53-L-703
Power 1.800 HP/PS
Cruising speed 160 kts / 300 km/h
Max. speed 190 kts / 350 km/h
Service ceiling 20.000 ft / 6.100 m
Max. endurance approx. 2h 15min
Fuel capacity 980 l
Fuel consumption approx. 400 l/h
Diameter tail rotor 8,5 ft / 2,6 m
Empty weight 6.598 lbs / 2.993 kg
MTOW 10.000 lbs / 4.536 kg
Seats 1 Pilot / 1 Passenger
Specials Demilitarized US Army helicopter

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