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Nooky Booky IV

A new "horse" in the stable

The new Mustang P51-D is an aircraft with a special history, as the previous owner was none other than aviation legend Bob Hoover. Until his passing in 2016, he was one of the most well-known test and aerobatic pilots and became world-famous for his daring flight maneuvers. The Mustang P51-D, built in 1944 and named "Nooky Booky IV", took off from Paris at the beginning of March for its two and a half hour ferry flight to Salzburg. Of course, George Perez, the pilot for the previous owner, did not miss the opportunity to personally transfer the aircraft. Over Lake Chiemsee, the Mustang was met by our Corsair F4U-4 and the P38 Lightning and escorted to its new home base. We are proud of this addition and look forward to presenting the Mustang P51-D at airshows.