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A New Home

Walter Eichhorn hands over his beloved T-6 to The Flying Bulls after 44 years

Anyone who has visited air shows in Germany over the past few decades knows Walter Eichhorn and his blue T-6.
For some time, he and his son Toni flew aerobatics displays in two T-6s at shows throughout Europe.
With Toni selling his T-6 a few years ago. Now the time has come for Walter to part with his favourite aircraft and ensure it finds a good new home. The hangar of The Flying Bulls is the obvious choice.

The D-FHGK is a Harvard Mk IIB, manufactured by Noorduyn in 1942 and delivered to the Royal Canadian Air Force in the same year. Five years later, it was transferred to Switzerland and served in the Swiss Air Force until 1969. It was subsequently sold to England and arrived in Germany in 1971. Walter Eichhorn flew the aircraft since 1976.

We are delighted to welcome this latest addition to The Flying Bulls’ fleet and are looking forward to showcasing it at future air shows.