Siegfried Angerer
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Siegfried Angerer

Former chief pilot and aviator legend

Sigi Angerer, former Chief Pilot of The Flying Bulls, has become a legend amongst pilots. As co-founder of the collection, he has accompanied each aircraft from its transfer to its arrival and knows the characteristics and the history of the planes like no other.

In the year 2012 Sigi went into his well-earned retirement and handed over his position to Raimund Riedmann.

1. Do you remember your first flight as a pilot?

SA: Of course, every detail! I flew a glider at the Spitzerberg mountain in Lower Austria.

2. How many flying hours have you completed so far?

SA: More than 19,000.I’ve been flying since I was 15 years old.

3. With which Flying Bull would you perform a risky landing rather than opt for the parachute?

SA: With each and every one of them!

4. Euro fighter or Corsair?

SA: I’d go for the Eurofighter. Just because I’ve already flown the Corsair.

5. Which aircraft would you prefer to fly if you could have any choice, and why?

SA: The Eurofighter. I’ve already tested it during three hours in the flightsimulator. It’s a technically marvellous plane!

6. Are there any technical or design details on planes or helicopters that fascinate you?

SA: Every little detail fascinates me.

7. What kind of flight qualities inspire you and what type of aircraft? And is there anything you’d criticise?

SA: The flight qualities of the Alpha Jet are second to none. For me, it’s the best aircraft licensed for commercial use. It’s perfect as long as you respect the jet’s limits. If you go beyond, things can get hairy. But that’s true for every aircraft.

8. Have you ever worried about the age of a plane once you’re on board?

SA: If you’re afraid when you’re flying, you’ve done something wrong. I know exactly how much preparation a Flying Bulls plane has to go through before take off, so I’m never worried.

9. What was the most turbulent flight you ever witnessed?

SA: A flight in a single engined 6 seater plane. The engine disintegrated during the flight, and I had to make an emergency landing in a field. Unfortunately, my sister joined me on this flight, and wasn’t keen on flying at the best of times, so this experience didn’t help.


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