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Siegfried Angerer 1948 – 2022

Former chief pilot and aviator legend


When we look back today, full of pride, on what The Flying Bulls stand for, the worldwide unique fleet of historic aircraft, lovingly restored and expertly flown, we are looking back on the work of one man: Sigi Angerer.

Without Sigi Angerer there wouldn’t be any Flying Bulls and, as a result, there probably wouldn’t be a Hangar-7 at the Salzburg Airport, and certainly no Hangar-8. Sigi tracked down dozens of aircraft from the heyday of aviation all around the world. He saved them from falling into disrepair, brought them safely – and often under adventurous conditions – home to Innsbruck, and later to Salzburg. He made sure that they were restored back to airworthy masterpieces in thousands upon thousands of hours of painstaking work.  And, as the long-standing Chief Pilot of The Flying Bulls, he flew them like no other.


On the 5th October, 1991 Sigi Angerer met a man, who shared his passion for historical aeroplanes: Dietrich Mateschitz. They got to know each other on a scenic flight, and quickly developed a friendship, soon to become a partnership.

In 1999 The Flying Bulls were founded as a separate company, at the same time the idea for their home was born, Hangar-7 and Hangar-8 at the Salzburg Airport. In the following years, Sigi shaped The Flying Bulls with his warmth and enthusiasm.  He inspired and influenced those of us who were lucky enough to work with him. He imparted to us this very special love for historical aircraft, for this incomparable combination of technology and aesthetics. He taught us to revere the history of the aeroplanes and showed us how to look into their souls.

His heart did not stop beating on the morning of the 3rd October, 2022. It beats on in all of us.

Siegfried Angerer 1948 – 2022