Matthias Dolderer
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Matthias Dolderer

Red Bull Air Race World Champion 2016

He wrote history as the first German Red Bull Air Race World Champion ever. However, the man from Tannheim was among the elite of the aerobatic pilots before his historic victory.

In 2016, Matthias Dolderer fulfilled a long-cherished dream. He secured the world title in front of 62,000 spectators in Indianapolis. He is the very first German title winner and the first Air Race pilot to clinch the championship early.

The beginnings of his career in aerobatics can be traced back to 2006. In the years to come, he won numerous international competitions. In 2008, Dolderer was invited to the Red Bull Air Race Qualification Camp and soon found himself among the pilots of this ultimate motorsport series. He enjoyed a lot of success in 2009; he certainly had quite an impact on the rankings and finished third at the season finale in Barcelona. To prove that dreams can come true, the Red Bull Air Race pilot won the world title in 2016.

Outside the cockpit, Matthias Dolderer is a vivacious character. Aged only 17, he obtained the German glider and ultra light license. One year later he was given his private pilot’s license and finished 3rd in the German Championships a few days after that. At 21, Dolderer became the youngest flight teacher in Germany. To continue their family’s tradition, he and his sister Verena took over Tannheim Airfield with the vision to ‘establish a meeting place for aviators, enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals’. From 1993 to 2013 together with Verena, Mathias Dolderer has organized "TANNKOSH", Europs biggest Airmeeting.

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