Training camp of the Flying Bulls
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Training camp of the Flying Bulls

in Maribor

Practice makes perfect is a guiding principle that also applies to the Flying Bulls. The pilots, technicians, aircrafts, and helicopters of the Flying Bulls are heading into a long flight season. Accordingly, intensive training is naturally a welcome duty. To ensure that everyone is fully prepared for the upcoming events, the Flying Bulls travelled to Maribor in Slovenia for a training camp in mid-April. The team practiced displays, formations, and interaction with each other while defying wind, rain, and bad weather in general - a strong performance by our highly motivated team.

The training schedule included individual training, group displays, reviews, analyses, and - above all - hard work for everyone involved, from the pilots to the technicians and supervisors. The sessions were planned meticulously weeks in advance, but were, however, ultimately affected by wind and rain. Scheduled flights had to be postponed or interchanged almost every day. Despite the difficult conditions, the training camp was a huge success.

The training week was started by the Push Pull, the Corsair, and two Alpha Jets, which began their displays after a short test flight phase. They performed the elements that are part of the air shows. In the course of the week, the B-52 joined the training sessions. Following individual displays, the aircrafts flew double, triple, and quadruple displays. The helicopters followed a similar training pattern. Both the Bell Cobra and the BO 105 perfected their individual displays before performing a double display.

All these training flights, displays, and runs were closely monitored by the supervisors. The flights were then analysed with the pilots in numerous reviews and evaluations. During these debriefings, the supervisors assessed every manoeuvre down to the smallest detail. This meant that the pilots had to endure a particularly exhausting week. They had to keep their concentration levels high at all times - not only in the air while performing their displays, but also during the debriefings.

The week was equally labour intensive for the technicians, who ensured that all the aircrafts were always serviced and available despite the horrid weather conditions. Again, specific work processes were exercised and subsequently reviewed.

Following this intensive week of training, the Flying Bulls are looking forward to the upcoming events of 2016 - hopefully in more favourable weather conditions.


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