Mirko Flaim
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Mirko Flaim

Licenced to Cobra

As a helicopter pilot for the Flying Bulls, Mirko Flaim has been flying some of the most extraordinary treasures in aviation history over the last four years. One especially spectacular chopper in the Flying Bulls' fleet had been restricted to chief pilot Siegfried “Blacky” Schwarz though: the Bell AH-1 Cobra. However, since recently, Mirko Flaim is allowed to fly the legendary combat helicopter himself!

“I was pleasantly surprised and honored, when Blacky decided to let me fly his 'baby' as well,” Mirko Flaim recounts. But first he had to obtain the American pilot's license, a must for flying the Cobra which is registered in the United States. After jumping that hurdle in April 2015, “special training” began in-house because, besides the Cobra owned by the Flying Bulls, there is only one more in Europe and a handful in the USA that are licensed for civilian use.

Meanwhile, Mirko Flaim has already enjoyed numerous solo flights and he's wildly enthusiastic about his new aircraft. “The Cobra is powerful and very fast. When she flies by, her sound is just incredible, and flying her yourself is just an exceptional feeling. When you sit in it, you have a smile on your face all the time.”

His last mission was to present the Cobra in all its glory at the “HeliDays” in Gmunden. Their next common appearances are due in October at the “Tag der Luftfahrt” in Linz and the “Heli-Power” in Hohenems.

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