Trainingscamp in Maribor
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Flying Bulls trainings camp in Maribor

Last week the Flying Bulls headed to Maribor for their annual training camp in the Slovenian sky. Some of the most prestigious aircraft from the Flying Bulls fleet attended, such as the legendary Corsair, the Cessna C 337 “Push-Pull”, two Extra 300s, two Alpha Jets, the SU-29 as well as the BO-105 helicopter, which was used for filming.

The training, which takes place every year, is for fixed-wing airplanes and aims to bring perfection to aerobatic flying and prepares the aircraft and pilots for upcoming air shows. Although the Flying Bulls follow a strict training routine throughout the year, these camps are essential to further improve flying displays in terms of flow and security. During the training, the Extra 300, which is capable of every manoeuvre in the book, was used to practice stunts that will later be executed by the P-38, the B-25 and the Corsair.

Pilots had to stick to a tight training schedule in Maribor: flight preparations started early in the morning, followed by extensive maneuver training and detailed recaps of the training sessions.


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