Flying Bulls Fliegerschokolade
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Flying Bulls Fliegerschokolade

Did you know that the Flying Bulls now offer a special kind of power snack? As flying constitutes a special challenge for the body and soul, the Flying Bulls now have their own chocolate called “Fliegerschokolade” (flyer’s chocolate) – a sweet must-have for every pilot!

The chocolate’s special energy boost is provided by ingredients like cola nut, blueberry extract and natural caffeine. Covered in delicious dark chocolate with 72% cocoa, the Flying Bulls chocolate is a tasty treat to be enjoyed by all. Freeze-dried black currants make the chocolate particularly crunchy and add a nice fruity touch. But don’t forget: the chocolate is unsuitable for small kids as there’s quite a lot of caffeine in it!

The packaging of the Flying Bulls chocolate is real eye-candy as well. Nestled in an elegant, round tin, the tasty chocolate bits are perfectly presented for aviation fans with a sweet tooth!

Of course, the high-quality chocolate isn’t just perfect for flying; it also provides a great energyboost for those long car drives. So if you’re looking for a delicious, high-energy snack, why not drop by the next OMV VIVA shop or Salzburg’s Hangar-7 to stock up on your own supply of “Flying Bulls Fliegerschokolade”?


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