Flying Bulls Anthem
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Flying Bulls Anthem

The new Flying Bulls music anthem premiered last weekend at the scalaria air challenge 2013 during a breathtaking aerobatic performance by Siegfried “Blacky” Schwarz with his BO 105.

The anthem was produced by Herold Faltermeyer, the German composer is famous for his instrumental Top Gun theme and‘Axel F’ from the Beverly Hills Cop movie. Guitarist Steve Stevens, who has performed with stars like Billy Idol and Michael Jackson, plays some distinctive riffs that make the song a catchy ‘ear-worm’.

This record is now available to download on iTunesAmazon or Musicload. This must-have track will be one to be played loudly in the car (or plane!) and it’s inspiring, dramatic qualities ensure it will become a timeless masterpiece. So if you need a new theme song with stirring aviation emotions, this one is for you!


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